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The Master of Science in Mechanics of Materials and Structures (MMS) is an official Master’s degree of the European Higher Education Area. The master MMS is aimed at students who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in the field of the mechanical behaviour of materials and structures. The objective of this Master of Science is to link the current knowledge of theories of the behaviour of materials with the most innovative techniques in structural engineering.

The Master od Science in Mechanics of Materials and Structures is organized in four modules:

Solid Mechanics
Computation Mechanical Design

The modules of the Master share a common background on Solid Mechanics and Computational Methods while providing a coherent specialisation. The student should select one of these modules to define the subjects he will follow.

The syllabus of each Module of the Master in Mechanics of Materials and Structures (Composites, Structures, Solid Mechanics, Computation Mechanical Design) places special emphasis on computational techniques, mechanics of materials, advanced structural design, experimental techniques and mechanical optimisation.

The Master of Mechanics of Materials and Structures (60 ECTS) may be taken full-time in one year or part-time over two years.

The MMS receives an AQU accreditation of Excellence

An External Evaluation Committee composed of 8 representatives from Universities, the business, and the Quality Agency of the Catalan University system (AQU) awarded the MMS master the AQU accreditation of Excellence in November 2015. The accreditation verified the compliance with the AQU accreditation guide for official Bachelor and Master Degrees.

The Committee evaluated altogether 8 Bachelor and Master Programs of the Polytechnic School of the Girona University. All courses received the accreditation, but only two got the mention of Excellence.

L ‘acreditacio d ’excel·lència de l’AQU aporta al Màster MMS una beca de la “Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera

El Màster en Mecànica de Materials i Estructures és un màster acreditat amb excel•lència, la màxima distinció possible de l’Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari (AQU). Aquesta acreditació compleix un procés d’avaluació de la qualitat que han de passar totes les titulacions universitàries oficials en la línia dels estàndards i directrius marcats per l’European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) en col•laboració amb altres xarxes universitàries europees. Aquesta acreditació analitza el programa formatiu, l’eficàcia dels sistemes per a l’aprenentatge, la inserció professional dels titulats, la interacció entre la docència i la recerca i la internacionalització.

Arrel d’aquesta acreditació amb excel•lència, el Màster en Mecànica de Materials i Estructures (MMS) ha estat escollit per a disposar d’una beca per a estudiants pel curs docent 2016-2017. Si hi esteu interessats, envieu-nos abans del 04/07/2016 el document adjunt ben complimentat a l’adreça de correu: Per consultar les bases cliqueu a bases.

La acreditación de excelencia de la AQU aporta al Master MMS una beca de la “Fundación Catalunya-La Pedrera

El Máster en Mecánica de Materiales y Estructuras es un máster acreditado con excelencia, la máxima distinción posible de la Agencia para la Calidad del Sistema Universitario (AQU). Esta acreditación cumple un proceso de evaluación de la calidad que deben pasar todas las titulaciones universitarias oficiales en la línea de los estándares y directrices marcados por la European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) en colaboración con otras redes universitarias europeas. Esta acreditación analiza el programa formativo, la eficacia de los sistemas para el aprendizaje, la inserción profesional de los titulados, la interacción entre la docencia y la investigación y la internacionalización.

A raíz de esta acreditación con excelencia, el Master en Mecánica de Materiales y Estructuras (MMS) ha sido elegido para disponer de una beca para estudiantes por curso docente 2016-2017. Interesados enviar antes del 04/07/2016 el documento adjunto bien cumplimentado a la dirección de correo: Para consultar las bases pulsa en bases.

The Modules

Master MMS – Composites

The contents of the Module in Composites provide the student with the capabilities to design and process advanced composites for structural applications, preparing him/her for an engineer career in a related industry.

Master MMS – Solid Mechanics

The contents of this Solid Mechanics Module provide the student with the capabilities to solve and analyse non-linear solid mechanics problems by using advanced analysis and modelling techniques.

Master MMS – Structures

The contents of the Structures Module provide the student with the capabilities to develop and improve structural designs and applications by using advanced materials, analysis, and modelling techniques.

Master MMS – Computation Mechanical Design

The contents of the Computaional Mechanical Design Module provide the student with the capabilities to develop and improve mechanical designs and applications by using advanced computational analysis and modelling techniques.

Former Students

The MMS course is designed such that the students taking up this Master’s course will definitely move on to an industrial or will embark on a research career. The academic staffs who teach us are all well renowned researchers with great publications. The level of sharing and support from academic staff is exceptional, they are not only friendly, but are also encouraging by involving each student into the research environment.

There are a huge number of opportunities for further training, both within and outside the university. Master’s course helped me to develop a lot of practical skills and recognize the direction of my future career.

Mr. Bharath Ravindran, Master Student 2014-2015
Teachers and students form a very good organization to grow and survive together.

I mean the study environment does not exist only in the form of teaching but also in manner that students and teachers can exchange ideas and opinions, and the professors are very supportive.

I decided to do the Master of Science in Mechanics of Materials and Structures to improve my knowledge in this area and the use of software and tools for the development of the PhD.

This Master has led me to get my first publication and recently to be selected to present the work in the SAMPE-Europe Student Conference.

The master provide me deep understanding of the mechanical phenomena involved on composite materials, including Classical Laminate Theory, Finite Element Analysis, fracture mechanics and constitutive laws.

The learning environment was very pleasant and motivating. An important knowledge sharing and collaboration between both professors and colleagues was produced.

Mr. Marc Crescenti, MMS Master Student 2009-2011
Curious to know how my Master’s year was?