If you are interested on further information on this master, please contact the master coordinator (Dr. Emilio Gonzalez Juan: master.mms@udg.edu).

The application involves these steps:

  • Pre registration.

Pre-registration must be completed online through the website of the Technical Unit for Masters of the University of Girona.

  • Admission.

Each pre-registered student will receive an email notification with a link to view his admission decision. 

  • Registration.

Admitted students will have to register. Failing to register within the prescribed period results in the loss of the right to enrol in the master. The enrolment period starts in July and finishes in October.

  • Prices

The Decree 88/2017, of July 4th, states the prices of academic services in the public universities of Catalonia for the 217-2018 academic year. The price by European Credit (ECTS) is of 65,87 €. The Master in Mechanics of Materials and Structures is a 60 ECTS Master, so the total amount is 60 ECTS x 65,87 €/ECTS = 3.952 €. A 30% discount is applied only to EU-students.

In addition, the administrative taxes come up to approximately 140 € and the issuance of the Master’s degree certificate is of 218,15 €.

  • Registration requirements and documents to be presented

To be admitted on a master’s degree, you must have a university qualification that allows you to access postgraduate studies in the country in which it was awarded. Also, the MMS Master students usually proceed from technical studies, such as Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering, and Physics Bachelor of Science.

IMPORTANT: For the pre-registration process please send copies of the documents, not original documents. If the copies are to be accepted, they must be attested or authenticated. This means that an official institution or a notary public must certify that the photocopy is faithful to the original.

Documents issued in other countries must be legalized if they are to be recognized and have the same validity as in other countries.

In the case of academic documents (personal academic certificates, degrees, etc.), legalization confirms the existence of the awarding institution and of the academic courses and programs on the certificate.

Depending on the agreements that your country has with Spain, you will have to follow one procedure or another to get your documents legalized.

Please initiate the legalization of your academic documents as soon as you have decided to study abroad. The process is like to take some weeks/months depending on each country of origin.

For more detailed information on the legalization of the academic documents, please visit the web site of the Master’s Technical Unit of the Girona University.

There are some funding opportunities to cover the costs of the tuition fees and live expenses of students of the MMS master.

First, it should be mentioned that the students have, in most of the cases, the chance to perform their Master Thesis during a stay in a company, receiving a moderate monthly salary.

Several countries offer scholarships to study abroad, so the interested students should check their regional or country agencies.

In Spain, the Banco de Santander offers scholarships to partially cover the tuition fee of the MMS master. There are two modalities, for national (Spanish) and international students. The dates of the new calls change each course, so contact with the master manager Dr. Emilio Gonzalez (master.mms@udg.edu) to keep you informed.

In addition, the research group AMADE, the organizer of the MMS Master, also provides funding opportunities to excellent national and international students who are motivated for research and to pursue the PhD. By excellent students we refer to those whose average grade in the Bachelor studies is 8.5 or superior according to the Spanish Calculation System.

Interested students should perform the pre-registration to the master and then inform the master manager Dr. Emilio Gonzalez (master.mms@udg.edu) of their interest in one of these funding opportunities. Students interested on the Scholarships should attach to the e-mail their ANECA equivalency of the undergraduate studies.