To be admitted on a master’s degree, you must have a university diploma that allows you to access postgraduate studies in the country in which it was awarded. The MMS Master students come from technical studies, such as Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering, and Physics Bachelor of Science. Typical degrees: Mechanical, Aeronautics, Civil, Architecture, etc.

The application involves the following steps:

1. Pre-registration

The pre-registration is the first mandatory step to apply for the MMS master.

It must be performed on-line, through the website of UdG’s Masters (see Section: “Pre-enrollment”). In this website, the student has to select the desired master to apply and load the different requested documents (some of them, must be legalized). In cases where it is requested the “Grades equivalence document for university studies completed in foreign centres”, it is important to know which grade type was applied in your origin university. They can be identified in this document.

For the pre-registration, these documents must be loaded only as a pdf file type. In the case of being accepted, the original documents must be shown once you are in Girona.

For each new academic course, the pre-registration application is open starting around January-February until the first month of teaching classes (October).

The pre-registration has an administrative tax. It is important to pay it, so the administrative staff will start reviewing the documentation of your pre-registration. Otherwise, your pre-registration will be on hold.

A succeed pre-registration allows the following:

  • To be accepted in the master MMS.
  • Reservation of a place for the next new course (the master MMS is limited to 25 students by year). The deadline for the pre-registration is around mid-September. However, if you are not an European citizen, after the pre-registration you will need the student Visa, and it takes some administrative time (depending on the Embassy, it may need 2 months of management).
  • If needed, you will obtain an invitation letter for requesting the student Visa.

2. Admission

Each pre-registered student will receive an email notification with a link to view his Admission Decision. The resolutions of each pre-registration period are performed at the corresponding administrative deadlines defined by the Universitat de Girona (UdG).

3. Selection of subjects

Once you are Accepted in master MMS, the next step is to schedule a meeting with the Coordinator of the master MMS to define which subjects would be done (including Mandatory and Optional subjects).

The English level requested in MMS is B1. If you do not have an official certificate, an English meeting with the coordinator will be requested to assess a suitable level for performing the master MMS.

4. Registration

Next, accepted students will have to register to the corresponding pre-selected subjects. This step is fully done on-line, using the username and the password notified by the UdG.

The enrolment period starts around July and finishes at the end of October.

Failing to register within the prescribed administrative periods results in the loss of the right to enrol in the master.

5. Original documents and student card

For those students that did their university degree outside the Universitat de Girona (UdG), must show the original documents loaded in the pre-registration to the Academic Secretariat once they arrive at Girona. In addition, they can ask for an student card of the Universitat de Girona.

Documents issued in other countries must be legalized if they are to be recognized and have the same validity as in other countries.

In the case of academic documents (personal academic certificates, degrees, etc.), legalization confirms the existence of the awarding institution and of the academic courses and programs on the certificate.

Depending on the agreements that your country has with Spain, you will have to follow one procedure or another to get your documents legalized.

Please initiate the legalization of your academic documents as soon as you have decided to study abroad. The process is like to take some weeks/months depending on each country of origin.

For more detailed information on the legalization of the academic documents, please visit the UdG’s website of the pre-registration (some clarifications can be found in this pdf).

The costs of the master are official, defined by the Government of Catalonia and updated regularly in the UdG website.

The costs account the following points:

  • Pre-registration tax.
  • Registration (the master has 60 ECTS – European Credit). The cost by credit is different for European and non-European students, and also for students that holds already another Master diploma.
  • Management of the academic transcript.
  • Academic and administrative services.
  • Scholar insurance or accident insurance.
  • Diploma management.

No additional cost will appear. The registration can be paid in installments, split in 10-month maximum, without any additional tax.

There are some funding opportunities to cover the costs of the tuition fees and live expenses of students of the MMS master:

  • Several countries offer scholarships to study abroad, so the interested students should check their regional or country agencies.
  • At the University of Girona, there are the following options:
    • “Banco Santander – UdG”: many scholarships to partially cover the tuition fee of the MMS master (administrative taxes are not included). There are two modalities, for national (Spanish) and international students.
    • “Fundación Carolina – UdG”: two scholarships that fully cover the tuition fee, travel and living expenses. Limited to students from a Latin American country member of the Ibero-American Community of Nations or from Portugal.
    • “Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera”: an exceptional scholarship for an excelent student with Spanish nationality (5 k€ of award).

In any case, interested students should perform the pre-registration to the MMS master in the UdG’s Masters website. The dates of the new calls of these scholarships change for each course, so contact with the MMS master coordinator to keep you informed.

On the other hand, the research group AMADE of the University of Girona, also provides funding opportunities to excellent national and international students who are motivated for research and to pursue a PhD after the MMS master. By excellent students we refer to those whose their average grade in the Bachelor studies is 8.5 or superior according to the Spanish Calculation System.